Friday, January 27, 2012

Prayerful Attitude....

Prayer to God is a must in my life and prayerful attitude should ever prevail in me!

Prayerful attitude is forgotten many times in a day as I lead my life through the interesting aspects of life coming up….But, the moment I remember the happening of this, it should come back in me through a belief and surrender that

Between a cup and a lip there are many slips…,
I am nothing in front of the vagaries of Nature…. and
My doings work out only if they are Okayed by the Lord….

Only when this is remembered in depth, the attitude is in the forefront!

The attitude in general….

Does good to me, does good to my next man and thus helps peace prevail in me and around!

Let me not say ‘NO’ to this attitude the moment I am aware of it and see that it is never a ritual or time bound action in my life!

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