Friday, January 27, 2012

The Right Job....

A young man in a new job was  little  sad….To a sincere enquiry from a Well-wisher, he could no longer hold himself and said thus….

“Sir, I was doing a good job earlier and had taken up this new one as the present company is doing well and they offered me certain raise in my salary. Initially, I was very happy. All people around also told me that I had taken the right decision in this case.

But of late, I am getting a doubt whether I had taken the right decision….the reason being, the new job and the new boss are taking out my maximum time. The free time available earlier is a mirage now. With the result, I am unable to do any personal work or relax a little in a day. More over, in the new company, the philosophy is that all the personal works of an employee will be done by some Agencies who camp near the work area. That way, I do get many personal jobs done which hither to, I was doing myself. I am now forced to spend more money on these Services and thus left with lesser money than in the earlier job. Thus, by taking home less money with no time to relax, I am feeling sometimes for the mistake I had done in changing the job. Further, here the facilities are less and promotions are in the queue. That is why I am sad.  Also, I cannot go back to my earlier job again as it looks ridiculous and no one supports it.”

The Well-wisher listened to him patiently, looked at him and said, “Yes, Dear! I also do not recommend you to go back to your earlier job. It is actually a disaster in your career if you do so! Now let us look into this case a little in detail. You do not have the right concept of what a better job is! Is it getting more salary? Is it getting more ruling powers? Is it good environment around? Or is it something where you get some breathing time? If we look this way, the list may be endless, but all these are always of lesser importance compared to the certainty and career growth in job, both of which are once again interdependent. A job is basically doing a work making use of your skill in the best possible way and producing a superior product. Then the same will be kept in the market, and people who need it will fix a price for the same. That is exactly your worth, your Employer likes to pay you only that much and you should necessarily accept this. Your worth always depends on the quality, timely delivery, beating the competition and ultimately pleasing the customer. In no way it is to be seen anything less than this. In this process what money comes and goes is basically immaterial even though it appeals too much to me that I am getting less at the end of the day! Thus you grow continuously and all prospective Employers around you are aware of this. This recognition only caters for the continuity of your job and growth in job through out your active phase of life. You should mainly assess a job you like to take up only by considering these points. It is good that you have changed your job in the right time and every one around is aware of your ambition and push through nature in this context.”

While departing, the Well-wisher quipped with a smile….

It is good that three things are happening in your present work life….

1. You have no breathing time so that the idle mind is far away which otherwise will be a devil….
2. You do not have time for family so that the members of your family are with their sleeves up for facing life and thus soon are going to become highly capable….
3. Many around you are doing all your works sharing your earnings  and it means that you are able to provide employment to so many people around you and it is a proud situation that way!”

The young man was totally relaxed at this point of time with the clarification provided by the Well-wisher!

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