Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Easy Money....

'Easy Money' is too dangerous! No one should fall a pray to it….It exists every where; it is part and parcel of our living!

I am some times under its influence either by force, from need, out of greed or due to ignorance! The earliest I come out of its clutches and keep a distance, the better!  It does irreparable damage and brings in untold misery!

Nature permits all actions in the world only under three conditions….

No 1 is ‘I take reasonably from the world only what I want’, 

No 2 is ‘I give back reasonably to the world the equivalent in return as Material/Service’ and
No 3 is 'I give back to the world  some extra up to a maximum of 25% of my earnings as Charity.' 

Any unbalance beyond a limit of this ‘Give’ and ‘Take’ is never respected by Nature! Further, the ‘Give’ and ‘Take’ should continuously and reasonably be performed in the fields where the law of land prevails to a large extent….

Generally, if this is followed safety is much ensured; no other activity which bypasses this is safe….And 'Easy Money' exactly overlooks all the three aspects and traps an individual for ever!

Standard known ways of earning  and spending are always the best methods available in the world. These do have legal and social approval. Further, even if anything goes wrong here which is rare, I am never,never,never.... questioned beyond!

Let us play safe and say 'Bye-Bye' to Easy money!

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