Thursday, February 2, 2012

God gives us the Right Opportunity....

A middle aged man was a close relative of a young man who was honest and straight forward. The old man was all the time getting his works done through this young man. Life was going on thus….

Once, the old man encountered a serious problem in his life which started pestering him day and night. He was totally peace less in that condition. In that scenario, the young man straight away acted and sorted out the issue for the elderly man….

The man was relived a lot. Once again, the life was going on smoothly and it was much more interesting than earlier. That way a few years had passed…. All these years, there were no serious problems in the life of the old man….

Suddenly, one more critical problem surfaced in his life and he was again totally helpless, much more this time! He expected the young man to sort out the issue as he had done earlier. Contrary to his expectation, the young man did nothing….The old man was furious. On an appropriate occasion, he shouted at him and gave out a piece of his mind!

The young man simply smiled at him and told, “Sir! I am sorry! Earlier, when your problem was resolved, you thought that I solved your problem and thus helped you. But it was my responsibility to the core at that point of time and I simple did my job…. Subsequent to this, you might have expected that I would be by your side to solve all future issues in life. You thus totally started relaxing in your life and because of that, your present problem appears to be more difficult! But to tell you frankly, here my responsibility is zero and I can and I should do nothing in this regard! Unfortunately, the person who can bring solace to you may not listen to you in this regard. I am really sorry for the trouble you invited for yourself!”

While leaving, the young man said, “Sir! God always gives us a chance to recover from an impending problem but simultaneously expects us to be less self oriented in future! But most of the times, I will forget this and start thinking that ‘I resolved the issue and I am great!’ When I thus deviate, the next problem sure to come up makes me more helpless…. It is better I always make use of the chance given by the Almighty, try to mould myself as I solve the problem and still in that process if I fail, I should sincerely await for the next opportunity! Thus a problem is an opportunity to improve but not to escape from true responsibility!”

The old man was totally taken aback at the wisdom of the youngster!

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