Sunday, February 5, 2012

The one helpful Discipline....

The famous joke as heard….

A priest was being transported in a taxi. The taxi was booked in time but it arrived late by thirty minutes. The driver felt bad for the same, raised the speed above normal and dropped him the best possible way. While leaving, he told the priest, “Sir, Hope I have not caused interruption to your work by being late.” The priest replied, “No! My dear, absolutely not! As you were doing your job, I too was doing mine without an interruption.”

May be it is a sarcastic remark filled with fun, but as we look at our lives, we find that ‘Fear of Unknown’ is always the greatest fear in life. Further, It will never leave an individual whatever said and done. At times, it haunts a person and he/she will be totally helpless under its influence!

Only one discipline in life truly gives solace in this aspect….

That is….

Discharging one’s responsibility for the day to the core feeling all the while at heart that God is behind all the happenings and closing the day with a sincere prayer to Him that a similar opportunity be given the next day!

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