Friday, March 30, 2012

An Advice in true spirit....

A young man was neglecting his duties often. Many well wishers around him advised a lot but he used to listen and soon ignore the same. He was leading his life thus.

During those days, an elderly relative of him who was an introvert visited him to spend a holiday with him. That way life moved on for some time and people around slowly noticed a change in the young man’s attitude. He started behaving in a responsible way to the surprise of everyone around. But they all the time could not understand what the elderly relative might have told the young man different than what they used to tell that had brought the change in him.

A few of them had an occasion to meet this elderly gentleman on a day and after a few enquires one of them asked, “Sir! Your man was a little irresponsible earlier and we were worried about his future. And he never heeded to our advice given to him often even though he politely used to listen to all. Kindly tell us what extra you could tell him in this case that brought a total change in this man.”

The elderly smiled and said, “My dear friends! There is no extra that any one of us can tell an individual in this world and that what we generally tell is mostly evident to the person himself/herself directly. In fact telling is the least important entity in this regard. It is a fact that if we wish whole heartedly that the other person become the best, he/she will change surely. A truly loving person only can do this and such a person always sees that the other individual lives to the tune of his/her natural way of expression. I simply noticed what the young man wanted in life, just verbally made one statement in that direction bringing out the cause and effect…. That’s all…. his understanding was clear and he had become a responsible person. Remember, here the young man had truly seen himself this change as a benefit to him. That only had ultimately helped him to tune himself up for further greater tasks in his life….”

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Graceful Living....

I am taking care of my family with my cost, through my work and at my sacrifice” the man said.

The elderly wise man asked, “Have you done one more thing?”

“What is that?” asked the man. 

“Have you taken care the same way of that person who visited you occasionally?” the elderly asked.

“I did not understand what you mean. I always take care of my guests. Further I do not understand the connection between caring for the family and caring for the guest” said the man a little impatiently….

Yes, My Dear! There lies the Key….” said the elderly smiling.  “It is our utmost duty to take care of our families in the right way. ‘Less said and more done’ is the best in this direction.   But we too have to live our life gracefully! That grace appears only when I truly care for another individual other than my family member at least for a short period through a sincere feeling that the other person is as important as my family member for the time I decided to do this activity!   Let the time allotted for this activity as per my convenience be as little as possible. Once I am able to do this, a feeling of oneness pervades in me for the moment and that is the true grace in my life!   Let us experience moments of this life where in my worries really take a back seat.  Don’t you want this?”

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Choice less Peace, Stress free Life....

The choice of the place where I am living and that of the activities I am doing are never out of my wish and will. A particular situation had demanded that way and I am all the time following that! Any feeling that I wanted to be here and I wanted to do that way is purely out of my ignorance and there is no choice here….

Between a cup and lip there are many slips. I can do nothing about these slips. The
only way is that I sincerely get up between the slips, remember that it does happen that way and go on molding my life to the tune of happenings. A constant effort is the only activity I had to do, am doing and would be doing. There is no choice here.....

 I have yielded many times to the wrong. That way there are no concepts like mistakes, blunders, faults, bad behaviors, disobedience etc. from my side…. Mistakes do take place as understanding and controlling myself is a Herculean task. In fact, I am living on this earth only for correcting my mistakes as I become aware of them and thus progress upwards.  I am not pitying myself nor pitying my behavior.   All the while, I am learning; that's all.....There is no choice here....

Remembering the above continuously or as and when they surface is the sure way of taking out the stress in my life which makes me lead a life of ‘I am  is what I am!’

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Are we seeing the Excellence around?

A rich man’s son was highly ambitious! He used to rule and control around at his work and in social life…. He felt that a strong ruler is needed for betterment in the world both for self and to the world at large….

An elderly well wisher next to him used to observe him in this attitude constantly.  At one point of time, he strongly felt that it was his duty to convey to the young man the perils of this attitude. Thus he found a right time and after making a few enquiries asked the youngster how the life was going on. The man proudly told that he was able to control everything and thus establish the order!

The gentleman smiled and said, “My dear! It is good you are able to establish an order around you but have you forgotten Mother Nature’s Order in this context?  Presently, around you, the freedom of individual expression is at stake!”

The young man looked at him in doubt….The elderly continued,

“There is ‘Excellence’ around us! This gets exhibited through simple and sincere efforts of individuals living with us interacting 
at various levels in our daily life! 

This quality, if seen in the right time, is a great benefit to the self and to the world.  If not, the individual is the looser and the world for ever loses a chance of getting truly benefitted.

If I suppress this Excellence, through a selfish ruling attitude in the name of establishing order, I am doing ‘NO LESS WRONG’ as I am working against Mother Nature and thus become a hindrance to world betterment.  Are you obsessed with a motto of an achievement in this direction? It is ultimate down fall!  Nature never forgives this behavior!  Please keep off immediately from this attitude and try to associate with such people who are ever upholding this Excellence!”

The young man at this point of time truly understood the serious mistake in his approach!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Discipline vs Dedication....

A Boss was not happy with one of his Sub ordinates. The man was not disciplined, used to come late to work more than expected of him and was in the habit of taking leave without information. Further, he was found to be a person that could not be mended easily through any counselling. The Boss felt him as a headache in his Office, except that there was no complaint in his work which was far superior compared to that of his colleagues….

On a certain day, the Boss met an elderly relative who was a dynamic man in his approach and a good Mentor in his active life.   After a brief interlude, he explained the problem in his Office and asked the gentleman an advice in that context.

The elderly listened to all with patience and told the Boss thus, ‘My Dear! I see in you, the same approach that many bosses adapt in dealing such cases. But I advise you to see this man from a different angle. He is, no doubt not disciplined. In fact, others in your Office are not moving with him smoothly. You are thus in a dilemma....   I tell you, please leave the so called imposing discipline on him and give the man an encouragement in other directions.”

The Boss was astonished with this advice and demanded a reason for this. The elderly told thus, “I do not see this man as in disciplined but dedicated! Once, being on work, he does a wonderful job…. No one can beat him in the quality of work and you sure agree to this. He is a special person; I say, a Gem! Such individuals are rare in this world and their disciplines are their own!  We cannot understand why they behave like that, but as I see, he is within the limits not to cause a hindrance or nuisance at work. Since this is ensured, make use of his best skills and interests for your quality work. Follow up through others for timely deliveries and do not put that burden on him. I advise….Never rebuke him on time element.  Nature around us has this type of unpredictable quality and thus wild. But Mother Nature has her own discipline which we cannot understand at our mind levels. There is a Disorder but in this Disorder there is an Order. This gentleman represents that quality and he is useful to the world at large. It is ever our duty to support such individuals and bear with their so called ‘Indiscipline’ as defined by us for our convenience. Please encourage him the best!”

At this point of time, the Boss really got educated through this advice!