Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Hidden 'Truth'....

In an Office, two Managers were functioning in parallel….

An Assistant who in the past had given enough headaches to few Bosses in respect of the discharge of his Official Duties, strangely was found to be quite listening to one of those two Managers where as for the other as usual, was a 'hard nut to crack!'….

On a particular day during their Coffee Break, the two Managers were discussing causally the Office Matters and in the process the discussions turned to the problematic Assistant….

“Dear!  I found you somehow pull on with this Assistant in our Group without much problem…. How are you able to do this?  I find it really tough to handle this man....” commented the one who was almost a failure in that aspect….

The other Manger smiled and said, “Dear! You know…. In respect of those who work with us, there are some responsibilities attached to them along with their own rights at work….

I sincerely follow a Code of Conduct here…. Never question on their rights but meticulously follow up with the discharge of their responsibilities….

After doing this in the right way, whatever cushion is with me which our Top Mangement had provided to manage the day to day issues, I use that judiciously so that when they listen I give out but when refuse to listen, I ration this giving…. That’s one of the reasons of my control on this Assistant too…. Further....."

The other Manger interrupted him there and said, “What you are saying, I too follow and there is nothing great unknown here…. But still this man gives me the never ending problems…. I think he favors you and not me; that’s all!”

The first one said, “Yes! that’s right…. The reason for this is………”

The other one abruptly interrupted him and said, “It’s nothing…. Again I am telling you.... This man likes to take Orders from you and not from me; that’s it…. You are just lucky.... Else, you are not doing any thing extra special here which I don't do or am not ready to do….”

Just then, the Office Boy came in and said, “Sir! Mr……… (The Assistant) seems to have a problem in his work…. He wants to talk to you…. Shall I send him in?”

The first Manager instantly said, “Hey! Wait….Tell him  that I am busy…. I’ll see him later…..” and as the Office Boy left, he turned towards his friend Manager and said “I don’t want this headache in these morning hrs…. Let me avoid him now…. He surely spoils my day and I can't afford it now as I have planned an Outing today evening with my family …..”

The other smiled and said to his friend, "If you agree, I'll try to look into his problem...."and immediately called the Office Boy and said, “Let him come to me in another half hr…. I’ll look into his problem….”  After the Office Boy left, he prepared himself to move to his Chamber for the day’s task….

Later, One of Staff Members in the Office was seen speaking to another Colleague in a soft tone…. “Our that.……. Manager Saab appears to be too much afraid…. He quickly gets away from many Office problems and takes shelter with a comfortable position….. But Our other Sir,…..... No, never like that!…. He is totally a different man at work…. Always ready to take up any issue whether he is able to give a solution or not…. He is the Manager who is never afraid of facing any issue in our Office however complex it may be…. Actually, he is the right Boss for us…. The other man…. I don’t know why our Management gave him promotion and brought him here....”

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