Tuesday, April 3, 2012

My true Upliftment....

A young man had a great doubt. He met a Saint in an Ashram and straight away asked Him a question. “Reverend Sir! The philosophy of life preaches one to be unique in thought, speech and action. I am daily doing that way whatever may be the consequences. But, I am constantly facing criticism from every corner in this regard. Kindly tell me am I wrong in doing this way? What else I have to do?”

The Saint smiled and said, “My dear! The discipline of uniqueness in thought-speech-action is the ideal. But for people like us who are in the process of evolving at various levels, the discipline to follow is different. In fact, sometimes it is exactly opposite; in the sense we allow the differences to study them as we surely differ in these. And the task in front of us is….The moment we are aware of this, try to reduce these differences in a natural way. This exercise alone is in front of every one of us and the true upliftment in our lives is through minimizing these differences as much as possible. That itself is the truthful life for us. We really have to do nothing else further in this direction!’

The young man at this point of time had understood the meaning of true upliftment in life!

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