Saturday, June 25, 2016


That was Sunday early morning hrs.. The South-West Monsoon had set in and there was a big downpour.. As I sat in the veranda of my house, seeing the dripping roof with jets of rain water carrying the dirt accumulated for all those earlier dry days gushing down the slope incessantly, I got lost to my thoughts which ran haphazardly..
  • "I have lots of ambitions in life. I dug out everywhere to know how to meet all those ambitions with my limited resources. I'm finding that my resources are never a match to my ambitions and there's no way of increasing them unless a miracle happens!" 
Suddenly I hit upon a crazy idea.. 
  • 'Why not visit the Saint near our place who is famous for doing miracles and get certain blessings from Him?' 
That's it.. The next day, straight away I headed to that place and prayed to the Great Man help change my base of living!

The Master smiled and said, 
  • “Meditate daily for 2 hrs for the next 3 months and come to me!"
I was thrilled instantly and subsequent to that, meticulously followed what the Master had told me and visited Him again on the D-day. Seeing me, the Master again smiled and said, 
  • “I'm seeing 50% change required in you with the shedding lots of deadwood.. Now on wards, meditate daily for 1 hr for another 3 months and come to me!" 
And no doubt, that I followed and visited Him again an evening. The Master smiled and said, 
  • “I'm seeing 70% change required with all the dead wood gone completely.. Now you have almost tuned yourself.. Come tomorrow.. I'll initiate you for the change!"
The next day as I visited him, he prayed for me and said, 
  • "You are blessed! The change took place in you.. Now on wards, you will be getting what all you truly wish for in your life.. Go home and reconcile to yourself!"
That was again Sunday early morning hrs.. The returning North-East Monsoon had set in and there was a big downpour.. As I sat in the veranda of my house, seeing the dripping roof with jets of clean rain water gushing down the slope incessantly I got lost to my thoughts which no more ran haphazardly..
  • “Yes, the change is there.. But, it's not outside but inside me.. Meaning.. Am truly a changed person now!
  • No one can do wonders for me and bring changes in my worldly possessions and my life style.. It's me that should first get rid of all those cob-web like thoughts of mine which truly engulfed me for the past 6 months making me completely ineffective in my life..
  • Here after, through this change alone I'll investigate, find out what I'm searching for and thus truly meet the purpose of my life all along living happily with what God had given me and what will come to me through my own effort!”
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  1. Yes,introspection has great powers!Great insight,thanks Sreedhar!

    1. Oh.. Thank you very much, Sara.. Such an appreciative comment on the Post!