Friday, May 11, 2012

Is my advice the right one?

A man was advising a friend thus….

“You see! I had a similar situation, almost the same conditions! As you stated, the finances were limited, people around were non co-operative and non supportive, the surroundings were unfavorable and the time was bad….Further, I had the same inhibitions like yours….the fear of failure was in forefront and everything in me was equally non co-operative!   But, having determined myself, I faced all odds….Thus, life for some time was not smooth but I had put up with the same, made my way and created  an impression around that I made it....It is the spirit in us and if we look and explore the same, wonders will be done!  Still tougher things,appearing as huge mountains initially  look like hillocks as you progress and you will cross them in no time….Thus, the determination moves ahead!”

“You might have said the reasonable truth” said an elderly wise man by the side all the time watching and listening to the man. “You see! The psychologies should never be compared and talked....They may look the same but the inside potentials are different for each individual. We are no one to judge these personalities and we can never do that too! The inside, basically guides an individual and that ever expects free environment, freedom of expression and a say for the ‘self’ however ugly the ‘self expression’ may be! If these are allowed for each individual at core levels, that’s all we have done our job! Rest depends on the Nature’s plan! So let me advise in such a gentle way, simultaneously okaying and allowing the personality to plan and do what he/she likes and thus be in tune with Nature; that’s all and I have done my job!  Any pressure beyond…. instead of helping may put down the personality permanently.   I should never interfere here with the Nature!”

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