Monday, May 21, 2012

Should I limit myself in helping others beyond?

“My son is a little more open minded. He is of outgoing nature and helps people beyond. This ‘beyond’ attitude has no meaning. In this context, he is not caring for himself. I have to take care of many things in life on his behalf. I am thus burdened too much. Further, I am sad that all this happens when energies are intact. What will happen when the curtains are down? He never thinks of that moment” Thus an elderly gentleman, expressed his total anguish to a well-wisher!

“Why are you worried, my dear?” the well-wisher comforted him smilingly! “Don’t you want your boy to be a better man in life? In life, no one had truly become better by working totally for himself/herself! A life, wherein one totally expends on one ‘self’ sharing with none is a life of total burden even though my ‘self’ always propose this strongly! In order to see that ultimately I do not end up working and living exclusively for myself, our societies around have proposed the responsible way of living through sharing. The family concept originates here. One rises himself/herself through this service to fellow beings. Beyond this, our societies further have proposed disciplines like caring for friends, caring in the neighborhood, showing charity to the deserving etc. through various social programs….”

“Excuse me!” The gentleman interrupted the well-wisher…., “All this I know. If I spend my energies and monies on my family, it is good for me because they are the people who come for my rescue when I am in trouble. But tell me, how totally an outsider who had been benefitted by me in a good way will come to my rescue in times of need? It appears to me a total waste of doing thus!” ….

 To be continued….

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