Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Importance of Motivation at Work....

An individual can work the best under only two conditions….

When he /she understands that without working, he/she can truly get nothing from the world or when he/she understands that he/she is missing a work environment which he/she loves to the core!

Else he/she is a sluggish personality and someone needs to push him/her constantly in the direction of work as he/she is a burden everywhere and ultimately it is disastrous to him/her!

In this direction only have come up all the disciplinary and motivational methods....

The disciplinary methods are based on the principle viz., ‘Fear is the key!’  But this too will not work beyond…. Else we would not be seeing this date alms giving/taking in the world….

The other method is through motivation….

A famous joke in this context is….

A man asked for alms in front of a house. The daughter- in-law of the house said, “Go away. Food is not yet ready.” Hearing this, the mother- in-law became angry and shouted in a loud voice from inside, “Wait! Who is she to ask you to go away?” The beggar waited….
The woman came to the door and said, “Now I am telling you. Go….There is no food in the house!” 

The meaning here is….

I‘ll most of the times, do the same as required if left to me freely but never will do so if insisted by others! And by continuing doing with freedom around, soon I may develop interest in that direction and thus grow!

So in all the mentoring and motivational tasks, it is essential to see that one does out of his/her wish as much as possible....And this is many times the best method to divert people to the right work!

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