Friday, June 1, 2012

In life, I am not less at any time!

A young man was at cross roads in his life. He had a great interest of getting into a decent work and thus start supporting his living!  But the path was not easy for him.

His qualification could not be improved due to lack of finances…. He was not that much smart…. His memory was bad…. He had lots of other works around him to do…. His health was so-so….

And no one understood his true difficulties and everyone expected him to be in the highest place as they were in that mad race. Further, there was no other go for the young man as the surroundings around him were like that!

His greatest worry was how he could put up with all that….For some time it was a life of total tension, total confusion and total let down!  But driven to a corner, life shows the way….That way he was lucky….

He determined himself that, in this unfriendly scenario, he could do only one thing….Simply take some time daily as little as possible when the rest of the world would not trouble him, start concentrating on the topics however confusing they may be and never leave this small time for other uses at any cost!

That way a time slot was at his disposal….He caught hold of it, filled up the same with whatever physical recapitulation he could do on his learning referring to other materials and thus kept up his steadfastness in this direction….

That way days passed, turned into months and moved towards a year….Soon he found that he had a control on the entities which used to terrorize him a year back….And there was the ‘D’ day…..Finally, he was a success in his attempt by securing a job and performing in a competitive challenging environment along with a confidence that he could perform anywhere through hard work and 
dedication ! That was the end of his agony in life…. 

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