Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Should I limit myself in helping others beyond?


“My dear! You have understood the concept of family in a wrong way!" continued the well-wisher.  "It is ultimately a sacred duty where I should work only for the betterment of family members and have no expectations! There alone lies my true elevation and peace….In fact expecting the returns from family takes us nowhere. All methods of serving others beyond family level are not insisted for an individual but are good if done! All these are suggested by our sacred books in one’s life as certain ways of sharing our assets with others there by benefiting self with the merits of doing these noble jobs. Even though the ‘self’ is involved in all these activities, it is involved in a much elevated way rather than expressing in the routine base way that ‘I am for myself’…"

The well-wisher continued, "Your boy is doing something more than all this, in which direction normally many people restrict themselves. He is thus expressing himself at a higher level in life and naturally the return benefits too are the superior ones for him! Don’t you want these for him? How can we tell him to act in plane which is an inferior plane of action in this context! You should be proud that your child is doing something which is much more superior from ethics point of view! He is already viewed that way by all the people around! Let us not call it….’He is wasting his energy!’ Very low way of limiting him in these activities and for such a proposal he too may not respond as the drive in him has its own momentum beyond our convictions on self protection!”

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