Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Am I doing the right work?

“I live in a joint family.  Here works and responsibilities, even though well defined and  basically are done by particular members, the peripheries are not clearly defined as ultimately each will help the other mutually. The problem here is….You will be doing some important work and you may like to do the same with more time spent on it for betterment or….you need some rest, you know and you will be relaxing for a while, that's blows up!  When you simply do this....either be on your job or sit/divert yourself for a while, all eyes will be on you in no time!  “Why is he not helping us?”  Thus you are targeted without a say!  So naturally, orders from elders follow next, listing out what all is not done!  It is really pathetic.... And they will never understand beyond this, in whatever way you may try to convince them!”

“Look my dear! I understand what all you have said and such problems do exist at all places of working together in groups like work place, community development programs and to tell you even in your own home if you delink from the present joint family....Sorry to tell you....But I can straight away say that there is your mistake in this....So to say, your mistake only!  And you are repeatedly doing that....”

“Sir, I told you a real problem. I never stopped from working and I do what is required in fact more....And I love to do more because it is ultimately for my family.  Even here, if I am pointed out, there is no sense!   And if I am not allowed to rest and relax a while through some other engagement, what is the meaning? How are all these people correct?”

To be continued....

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