Monday, June 18, 2012

Excess enjoyment in life is a demon by the side....

A young man always used to say, “Tomorrow may not be there!  Let me live today the best and enjoy every moment in life!” Thus, he was in the habit of getting into the finest enjoyments around and spend lots of money and time there.  He somehow used to finish his works, see to his responsibilities and quickly escape into this world…. And this was never ending! 

Some elders had advised him repeatedly not be irresponsible like that by going round the enjoyments as the glitter can go in no time….but he never cared for their advice!  Further, he was saying…. “I am continuously doing everything that is required in my life….Then what is wrong if I relax a bit in my free time? You people, struggled all throughout your lives but ultimately never had seen the best. When I am doing my job well at least, please don’t question me here….” Seeing him talk like this, some elders sternly warned, “These enjoyments are the perils in one’s life. You will be in problems soon….” but he used to brush aside all that without a second thought by telling that a relaxed mind always functions the best!

As the life was moving on thus, he suddenly came across a situation where in an extreme enjoyment appeared along with a tough situation in his life!

The young man without a second thought had fallen for the attraction unable to face the stressful situation even though a few of his urgent issues were in front of him to get through the tough situation!  His will power, which he relied upon so much, had vanished in no time!  He could do nothing in front of the evil forces of enjoyment and was virtually prevented from what exactly he had to do at that moment….Thus, all that he boasted all the time capable of doing had come to an end in no time!

The morale here is….Never I should propose extreme enjoyments in life other than the moderate ones to balance myself coupled with life responsibilities awaiting and this only is the safe path in life!

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