Thursday, June 21, 2012

Am I doing the right work?


"To tell you correctly….All works we do fall into two categories Viz., essential and no essential…. Spiritually, essential works are the ones for the body to exist in a healthy way including proper rest and sleep!  Since for a mortal, psychological well being is also important, certain works in this direction become essential including hobbies for mind relaxation.  Further works may be called stylish works…done basically for style and show!  These works of show may appear important for an individual but are not really required for leading a decent life.  And least effort is put in by one in doing these works….

As per Nature’s law of Inertia, we tend to do the same work i.e., repeat doing the same work continuously or continue to rest beyond!  This is where I should observe myself, discipline myself and never yield to this phenomenon happening in respect of me!

Once, I identify my works correctly in this way and start doing in that direction, no one will say a word!  Even if someone points out without seeing what I am doing, he/she himself/herself will find an answer in time and I need not specially answer him/her!  So, start doing the works in this way and still someone questions you here, either firmly tell him/her that you are doing your work and you are not obliged to do what he/she says or simply ignore that but be doing your works. You are ultimately untouched by any remarks!”

“As a final say, I would like to mention that if you start doing this way, the path may not be easy as there would be lots of non co-operation and withdrawal of support from members. You have to bear the same patiently….No go there….And that is going to be your real strength through which ultimately good will be done to everyone around!”


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