Monday, July 9, 2012

A Precious Gift in life….

“I am getting bored in my life. There is nothing new here.  Seen, in any direction, life looks dull. What is that I am doing?  Get up, become fresh, go to work, come back and rest after a tiresome day and repeat these activities day after day....unending, that’s all!  I find no interest any more in this type of life. Is the life going to be the same here afterwards?  If so, this way, I find the whole living is meaningless….” thus expressed a young man sadly his agony to one of his well-wishers one evening.

The well wisher looked at him, comforted him for a while and said thus, “My dear! I strongly feel that you have stopped observing beyond!  See, an atom when observed casually is nothing, but when investigation had gone deep into its structure, was found to have enormous energy which can be made use for all our needs!  Thus, if we don’t limit ourselves, our observations are always infinite….But, when we stop doing this, golden opportunities at finger tips are lost.  Do you want to lose such vast empires of fortunes? You may say that it does not happen to everyone; rarely one will be able to touch such superior entities….No doubt I agree that it is not a common phenomenon that wonders do happen.  But I should not forget that the purpose of life is to be open from my side always; that’s all!  Rest is God’s Wish and Will!  In this scenario alone, I get through my investigation and catch hold of my fruit according to The Almighty’s Will. Prior to this, I will always have a test to be given in front of Him and for this too let me prepare and be ready.  A discipline through discharge of my responsibilities in life alone prepares me for this test. He will test me at anytime and if found fit will relieve me of certain pain in life through great revelations.  Don’t you want this Precious Gift?”

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