Sunday, June 17, 2012

Fearlessness is the Key....

A Saint told a story thus…..

A man was always conscious of the uncertainties in life. He strongly believed in the philosophy that as uncertainties were a fact in life, there was no use of not recognizing them and lead a life closing the eyes….And his friend was not like him but a practical man!  He used to simply do his job well, beyond that forget and just lead a happy life without all those controversies of life at the back of his mind....

Both thus had passed through various phases of life….

Looking back, the first man found that he had wasted his life by being conscious of the uncertainties in life and never making an attempt to concentrate on the requirements even though he had no major difficulties in his life.

The friend had ups and downs in his life some of them being the real harsh ones but lived through all, sincerely solving the issues all the time and only leaving the ones that were beyond his care and attention!

The Master concluded, “The first man was always half-hearted in all fields he had ventured where as his friend involved totally in the fields he volunteered.   Life was a burden to the first man whereas it was a meaning to the friend!   So, living without fear feeling light all the time is the basic purpose our life and all spiritual practices in the world should 
always guide us in this direction…. And remember, any Spiritual Practice devoid of this message but laced with even an iota of fear should be first discarded whatever be the Practice!”

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