Friday, June 15, 2012

'Good' always has its place....

A man of understanding, used to tell people ‘What is good’; always ‘good, good and good' only….nothing else….He was not interested to tell what was not good for them at any time!  But he used to advise, ‘Do this, if you have done first your assigned job well else this is not for you!’

His advice was enthusiastic in the beginning!  Many said, ‘A True advice!’  But,  newness fades off in time....Thus he had become an old timer….and repetition was less interesting…..Familiarity breeds contempt….

Days had passed…..But truth stands!  And never Fails….

People had gone through many changes and modifications and times had changed a lot…..But, everything had a defect…..Everywhere there was pitfall….When the fall was a pain, the message from the wise man was a true solace and getting up was with a new vigor....

Thus the he reigned in the hearts of people forever!

Morale: Let me tell always what is ‘good’ for someone without a bias and let me not bother whether it is taken or not….The effect stays!!!!

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