Tuesday, June 12, 2012

How to fight out the shortages and breakdowns forever?

“I am finding everywhere shortages.   Nothing is sure. Things are consumed quickly but not produced at that rate.  Even produced, they are not of quality type and so fail repeatedly. The reason may be that people behind do not work with all that keenness.”

“You are mistaken. May be people behind the important works are not able to do their jobs with keenness as they are over burdened by sharing physically the important works of the rest. The problem basically can be resolved when as a first discipline, I somehow start doing my basic works myself and all other works up to a coarse stage at which point the product is useful and can stand competition without bothering much for a show!  All the while, certain part of time and energy is evidently spent continuously on the maintenance of issues involved.

A society which supports and encourages the above discipline in its members will definitely come up with plenty and dependability!  See this simple example….If you want census work of a big country to be done by a few, their entire span of work life would not be enough.   But when many involve, in few days the whole country can be covered!   So, the numbers matter....The change is a difficult phenomenon and if it happens, it is either a miracle or a revolution!

All other methods chosen no doubt would give a better life but only for certain time as they will not stand the test of Nature’s requirement in the long run and even if replaced with contemporary practices 
would work for a limited time as they are basically the stop gap arrangements! 

The above discipline leads to true basic development and the rest can follow if additional resources are available!   In that scenario, shortages are a myth and break downs are rare!”

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