Monday, June 11, 2012

An unwarranted complaint....


The Executive got offended. He straight away gave back, “Sir! Unless you sit in my seat, you do not know the difficulty....You are a wealthy man and that’s why you talk so easily!  You will never know the hard works we do because you people need not do any physical work and all your works are always done by others….”

The well-wisher smiled and said, “My Dear! Do not be angry.  What I see in you as wrong, I am telling you; that's all!  Straight away, I tell you one thing….See, you are in a Senior position in your organization. You should not complain that you cannot take up tasks and  you are made to work! You speak like this because you are not identifying yourself with the Senior Managerial Role given to you by your Organization recognizing your seniority.  Instead, you are identifying yourself with the works you are doing!  When you identify thus only with the works, you feel the drudgery of the same and complaining starts!  Feel like In-Charge of a big task in a do or die situation with a determination to get through!  That spirit alone drives out all your self pity....Rest, will follow and all around will be with you in this great

task! That way, supervise, guide and advise your assistants at various levels so that they do their works effectively and you be cool on your job….Try to see all your responsibilities at work, you will be alright!”

While departing, the well-wisher quipped, “The General Manager never shouts; He ever smiles but people know the toughness behind the smile!”


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