Saturday, June 2, 2012

It happens....

A man of deep intuition wanted to bring out certain original truth to the knowledge of everyone around….

When he started talking on this publicly, the experts group, an authority on the subject was annoyed. And a few people who were behind those experts promoting their business were equally angry with the man coming in their way….As the original truth was modified by these two groups to their advantage….

The man, thus could not move ahead as these two groups brought necessary bars on him to go public….A sad state….And he had neither money nor influence to get an approval of the expert title for himself!

He decided not to give up there and started educating people on the subject personally.

But people, already influenced through brain washing and promotion by that time, were confused and thus were hesitant to accept the man’s Original concepts.  Noticing this, the man started speaking according to their mind set but soon found himself talking partly in line with the experts and promoters of the expertise.

He sensed this and finally concluded in himself, “The only way left out for me in this scenario is to keep this understanding permanently within myself!”

Thus the man of Original Intuition was finally a dead man in himself!

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