Sunday, June 10, 2012

An unwarranted complaint....

“I am not given any support at my work.   Not much help but the total task is with me!   Facilities are there but along with the facilities they demand a lot from you….That way, what they demand is more than what they give. There are perks available.   But what is the use?  There are conditions to make use of them!  For that, I have to be active in different ways.   I have to go around….More tours and more roaming around!  And these movements drain out your energy....More than the benefits of perks, the nuisance is more….Thus they give everywhere but attach a lot of work to that.    Beyond all, they say I am slow if I say 'NO' to all these and want to do normal '9 to 5'  work!  That way, all these incentives are a farce.... They make you work on the edge!   So much I have to do to get all these.  This way, I am forced to toil continuously and I see no end here....Beyond all, even if I do all these but not able to show the result, I am straight away fired….” thus complained a Senior Executive of a Company to his well-wisher on a pleasant day evening.

The well-wisher was a very prosperous and dynamic man who had come up in life through his own discipline and dedication in his work....Further, he was an open minded personality and never liked sluggishness at work!  Thus, he straight away understood what the wrong was with such a man with a complaint like that.... He decided to advice him the best and straight away said, “My Dear!  Your despair is unwarranted and your complaining has no base.  I am unhappy to say that you are not the right man on your job!  Your seniority in  the organization might have 
given you a promotion in your job but I feel they had done a mistake....”

To be continued....

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