Friday, July 20, 2012

I myself wanted all this around!

“Sir, I am experiencing some problems in life. My people all the time do not agree with what I propose. Thus there is a conflict. They sometimes act in their own way and sometimes through my compulsions. But never once also in the way I propose. I am feeling unhappy here without any concurrence in thinking and opinions. What is the solution? How can I convince my people?”

“My dear, it is very simple and straight forward to understand. Long back, when you were young, you were a free man without all these. You only added your people around you one by one. Thus you increased your circle. In time, these individuals too have grown up and started their own circles or have become stronger in your relation and started expressing openly in their own circles which hitherto not done in front of you.  And when their expressions clash with your ideas, the problems are seen. See, these problems are common in life and it is not at all the wisdom to concentrate on these issues. That is why our elders without touching these, guided us only in the direction of stronger forces in us which if not streamlined, the confusion and chaos in every one’s life would be the maximum. And that is the reason why we are today in these circles of relations. When you thus live with people around you, understanding them alone is the right solution. Weed out the bad around in case it prevails and found to increase in intensity as a little of that too is a passing phase in one’s life….That’s all is your task at present!  How your people around you express without this element of bad in them is totally left to them as they are born free…. In all these cases only gently guide them; that’s all!”

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