Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Ultimate freedom of living….

People of one region decided to be better in their lives!  At that time, they were being ruled by a Ruler who was all the time authoritative.  Because of that, many of them were suffering silently….And naturally, their Ruler was not that good too….

To bring down his authority, they thought on only one way….They collectively approached him and said, “Here after, we will not take your orders unless there is good in them.  A Special Group of us will check each order you pass and if that is likely to do good to us, then only we will take it!”  Seeing their togetherness, the Ruler was taken aback and initially decided to suppress them.  But their unity was beyond and he soon agreed to do what they proposed.

Thus democracy was born in that region and the freedom of expression was upheld in no time! And subsequently, for certain period this system ruled and in time had undergone changes with further refinements to the original thoughts!

But the Ruler was smart!

He understood that the Special Groups that decide were really powerful and the only way to gain original power would be to keep them happy, if required beyond….That way soon, he started luring them by offering certain benefits.  Many refused in the beginning but a few had fallen a prey….This went on…. And the Ruler was steady…. “In time, surely many will be with me” he thought!  His assessment was correct and it exactly happened!  
The Ruler and Special Groups started ruling together….The groups got their share and Ruler was back to his power.... 

Thus, deteriorated democracy there in time and was about to reach the bottom….

To be continued….

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