Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Ultimate freedom of living….


When thus democracy was made a mockery, a few wise men suggested that the only solution for the associated evils would be to empower each individual more…. “And that’s all, he/she will take care” they thought!  And, by a miracle, this change had happened, not an easy way!

Thus, the individuals had become kings, of course, simultaneously with more responsibility with them to answer the law and the Special Groups’ power had lessened….And the Ruler could get a place only behind them….

Thus democracy got refined and the best evolved in time!  Further, time had passed.   And with time everything rots….This was no exception….

All individuals around are basically of two types the good and the bad. In the above scenario, the good remained as protectors of law and order and in general, looked after many issues….But, a few bad elements were behind power….They understood in a smart way….the inevitable defect of follow up in respect of the rule implementation….No authority could do it to the root level….

Thus, the responsibility existed crystal clear only on paper….if insisted, more paper was generated to the satisfaction of Rule Maker and shown in front of Rule Implementer that the best was done but ruling at own discretion was done behind the doors….And in that way, soon all the power mongers together were the indirect  Rulers….And with all strict rules and responsibilities around, these elements ruled behind the doors.

Thus once again democracy failed in the true sense….The citizen was free as long as he would not point out the real powerful man….He was much better many ways but not always….That was when one became weak….

To be continued….

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