Thursday, October 4, 2012

There is no go here....Should I not see this soon?

“Sir! How important are health and safety in one’s life?”

“My dear!  As I live through my life, I make use my body 
continuously for all of my age related activities and constantly express and feel myself through this physical entity that is with me....Thus seen in total, my body is a vehicle of my activities, expressions and feelings in my life and is all the time dearer to me! 

And naturally such a precious entity with me should be in good shape, be active and safe in the environment where I continuously live.   For this to happen, the health and safety of the vehicle become prime important.  Health is maintained to continue the activities well and safety is practiced to preserve the body in shape and form and many times both of these are interrelated….

At any time in my life, If I start neglecting the care of my body because of certain forces in me suddenly becoming prominent, my body would 
mostly put up with this neglect/abuse up to a limit but generally will not permit  beyond….I should ever make a note of this danger, should never yield to these forces easily and thus follow a certain disciplined life! 

Again, if I am compelled by my habit or forced by circumstances to indulge in unhealthy and unsafe practices, let the involvement be limited as my mind, a monster by my side gets its way through many times without my knowledge! This check is essential in my life all the time!

Finally to say....No known methods would guarantee one hundred percent health and safety in life and still both of these may be in danger in spite of all precautions followed.  Thus, a sincere Prayer to the Almighty to guard me all the time alone is the Ultimate in my life but only after my daily care is one hundred percent implemented in action!"  

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