Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Loss or Gain, I should ever be a Hero!

“Sir! I have a basic doubt. Why not we risk something at least sometimes in life?  If it is a success, surely it is an achievement…. Of course, it can be a failure too….Then we simply lose; that's all!  Is not this life worth venturing that way?  A rich experience definitely adds up here…. Further, it is a fact of life that nothing comes with us and when age takes over, what I was able to do earlier, I can do no more!  Then, is it is not the right time to venture when everything is with me?  And surely, I will be taking care to see that I am always well within my limits. I try to spend or venture with only such monies/energies which are either already earned by me/with me or can be earned/recouped quickly in no time as I have a steady job and good health through God's Grace. Please advise me over these doubts….”

“Yes dear!  You can do venturing and I emphasize that you should venture many times whether you succeed or not because in that process you learn a lot.  More than all this, a tough personality comes up in you which ultimately does good everywhere of course when Ethics of life are upheld all along…. But do you know one thing?  What many people generally shun and brand a path as one not be followed, it is wisdom I avoid the same as that is backed by their rich experience which had seen many perils in that direction!  Only when people do avoid certain paths of life through a belief, I can definitely venture in that direction but I should see that never I earn their wrath or non co-operation at anytime in that process. In fact, it is a heroic activity if I get their blessings there….Lots of convincing and persuasion are the primary tools of action here along with a firm decision on my side to go ahead! These are the general guidelines of action that save us many times in life!

The final important aspect in this context is....You may loose all that what you said in the process of venturing either temporarily or permanently, still nothing befalls on you…. But if you do something in a path where no one treads easily whatever may be the end result, won't you become small in front of all who see you as a man of no principles?  Do you want that title ultimately?  This title continues with you even if you make a fortune here and in such a scenario, you are never a Hero!!!”

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