Tuesday, October 30, 2012

@@ The difficulty of Understanding....

“It is really strange…. Our Management Office has to deal with a problem and the members constantly are questioning the Manager In-charge and sometimes it goes to the level of hurting him straight. The poor man is unable to answer them and is totally in a confused state.   As a member, I never questioned or would question the Manager on my portion of this issue. It is crystal clear to me that that responsibility is totally mine. And this equally applies to all the members.  Sometime back, I explained to this Manager in depth, the back ground of this issue and asked him to answer any member who questions him to say that as the Manager of the Group, he himself had nothing to do with the situation but he could help….Still, it is not clear to this man, he is unnecessarily taking the blame and is not able to reply to the members. Why can't he understand what I say and speak clearly ‘what is’ to the members?  Had  I been in his position, I would have seen that none of the members speak one word on this issue and keep off instantly….” Thus said a middle aged man proudly to his friend while discussing a burning issue in his Group....

The friend who happened to be a deep thinker all through his life, listened to the man, paused a while and said, “My dear!  Here in, you know the answer crystal clear and are wondering why the Manager cannot speak the same….The simple answer is....Like all the other members, the Manager too is not understanding in depth whose basic responsibility lies here…Had it been clear to him, he would have spoken the same and would have settled the issue long back; no doubt on this!

The problem in life is…No one understands a particular subject crystal clear except a few but if such a person of clarity starts wondering how others don’t get it, it means that he/she too had not understood the matter one hundred percent. This is the beauty in life as our self interest in a fine way covers up the ultimate understanding and make us believe that the other man alone is/was responsible for our troubles.

You can do nothing here….Repeated explanations may help to some extent but basically I should be sensitive to the difficulty of the other man and thus be considerate to his problem.   Leaving this, if I pounce myself on the other out of anger or disgust, how am I better here?.... Instead, an ordinary man who diverts and pacifies the affected friend is truly helping out to a certain extent!”

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