Monday, October 22, 2012

The Wake-up Call required many times in life....

A benevolent Emperor had a Minister with him who often used to play the role of an Adviser/ Counselor in his official / personal life.   He had a strange habit with him.  Whenever the Emperor faced a failure and lost something, he used to say openly, “Your Majesty!  It is God’s Will!  Remaining is only yours!” 

There was a meaning to that and the Emperor always took it in the right sense!  That way, the Minister carried true respect in the hearts of the Emperor and his Court Officials....And the Emperor in spite of having faced many misfortunes in his regime, quickly recovered with this revelation!

But fate some times would be too cruel….

It so happened that the king in the neighborhood out of his greed, silently worked on a plan, built up a strong battalion of army and suddenly attacked the Emperor.  Being totally unprepared for such an attack from the neighborhood friendly king, the Emperor in spite of fighting valiantly, lost the battle!  He was forced to leave the Capital with his family and move to a distant place. The Minister too sincerely followed him all the way.

The people in the new place, welcomed them 
with all sympathy and respect and accommodated them but could not do anything more than that from their side. Finally, a small life was in front of the Emperor and his Royal family! 

At that time too....After the settlement, the Minister repeated his words….

The Emperor had totally lost his temper and shouted angrily at the Minister, “Every thing is taken away from me…the kingdom, the wealth, the prestige and what not…. Still you say remaining is mine!  What is there with me now and what is the use of that left out?”

The Minister smiled and said, “Your Highness! You are mistaken....Tell me  honestly….Are not your body, mind and support of your people with you intact? These are the tools every one on the earth uses diligently to grow and expand.   If you want, you too can do a lot now….These precious entities gifted by the Almighty and built through your effort and goodness alone would bring you a fortune in time. What more really do you need now except the courage to get up and a will power to achieve what you want?” 

The Emperor was highly inspired with the explanation given by the wise Minister and instantly made up his mind to fight back what ever!

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