Sunday, November 4, 2012

The First Preference in the Eyes of God....

A benevolent king was all the time helpful to his people in their crises. He used to help them beyond and give the best support in times of their need. He advised all his Officials to be ever ready for this type of support to be provided for people from his Office.

A common man in the kingdom was equally doing a similar job.   He was helpful to the core to people in the neighborhood out of whatever resources he had.  Most of the time, he did not have much to give except extending a physical help with a sincere Prayer to the Almighty at his heart for their betterment!

Their lives went on thus….Finally days were numbered for both of them….

At the Heavenly Abode, the gates were open first to the gentleman. The benevolent king was asked to wait….He got astonished with this but sincerely sought the reason for that preference….

Thus came the reply in no time…. “All the while, you just distributed what excess was with you which, most of the times was never from your own effort.  Further, you were always proud of your charity and thus never thought of Presence of the Divine Hand at the back of all these!

And this gentleman had done exactly the opposite…. He could only give his physical help most of the times as he had not many resources with him.  But there he was sincere and further always believed that the Almighty alone helps ultimately which is a fact….

And….Those who depend on themselves the maximum and believe in God alone will have a first preference here!!!”

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