Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Story behind….

The Stalwart Rulers of two Nations met an evening in a picturesque Hill Resort on one of the days of their holiday tour to a distant place.... 

After a few enquiries and exchanges, one of them asked the other, “What strategy do you follow in your governance to arrive at a decision and subsequently implement all major and crucial policies?

The other leader smiled and said, “It is simple and straight forward!  I decide upon myself what is good for my people and straight away implement it….And no one in my country can question that!  My people subsequently may experience some difficulties in following the related rules and regulations and at times become really unhappy but soon they adjust and abide to what I decided for them. But in the end they always see in this, a true benefit for them!”

To a similar question raised by the second, the first one replied, “See!  My people are staunch supporters of Democracy. They want everything to be discussed, debated and then only decided!  I need to allow that….So, I first decide on what I like to do, allow all this process as routine and finally somehow implement what I wanted initially….Here, my people do not protest because they are one hundred percent made to believe that I listened to them everywhere!”

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