Friday, October 19, 2012

The true reason for apathy at Work….

A Company was doing well.  Its order book was swelling. The Management had gone ahead with recruitment of the best young talent from all prestigious Educational Institutions.  And they were offered the good salaries, perks and what not….

Years rolled by….Strangely, a downward trend entered in this company!

A few new Entrepreneurs around having smelled a fortune in the field, entered to make hay and quickly captured some of the Orders of the market!  Next they lured the stalwarts from the parent Company for elevated posts and much better salaries. Thus, the original Company could no more retain the talent….Slowly, its finances became tight, elaborate training in the latest techniques which could be given 
earlier easily became unaffordable and younger talent could not be attracted….

A true analysis was made for the reason of downfall….In the process, some strategies were worked out for improving the performance….That story goes in different direction….

A question independent of this was debated…. ‘Why does a Company having appointed the best talent could not continue in business?’ The following was found to be the right answer:

The Company which provided everything to the employee had forgotten one crucial issue in the process i.e., upholding the integrity of the employee!  Highest integrity prevails when and only when the Employer cares for the Employee a little beyond what is mandatory as per the welfare measures in force simultaneously not pampering him/her even a bit at any time. The ideal way here would be when the Owner starts believing that the Company indirectly belongs to the Employees too and as a Owner, his/her stake is always related to securing own essentials. 

It is similar to the attitude of a parent if not the same, towards his/her ward where in the bond is always felt deep in the hearts of both which can never be shaken at any time by the outside forces.   The ward in spite of not getting immediately anything from parent's wealth, simply works all the time to protect or improve  it! 

 And this type of attitude would surely be missing when a business interest to encash the maximum lurks in the mind of the Owner and in such a scenario downward trend is imminent sooner or later if not immediate!

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