Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Ultimately my Effort alone is the Best….

There is no other better way than doing my basic works myself!

My body needs routine movements & the related straining and my mind needs timely involvement to keep them in a fit and healthy condition….And these movements / involvement exactly match with the requirements of living a Natural life!   

In practical life, the requirements of my actual living differ as I am partly away from Nature but still my basic works are more or less the same.... 

Some of my works have to be outsourced or 'Help' may have to be bought  in those areas because I necessarily would be doing my own work in my area of specialization and my major portion of energies and time have to go in that direction.  Further, I would be earning a decent salary here!  

But, all the time I should take care to see that never these works which are outsourced or where 'Help' is being purchased are my basic works!  And if I am alert, I can easily see this demarcation where my works totally become own personal.  And here, strictly  buying 'Help' should stop and ‘Self Help’ should begin.... 

The strain undergone by me to do these basic works is the golden goose by my side which lays golden eggs continuously through out my life in the form of ‘Good Health and Well-Being!’

Don’t we want the supply these golden eggs throughout our lives?

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