Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Moment of Calmness in life!

I am a bundle of desires!   As I start living my life, these desires work through my thought, word and deed and make me feel satisfied through an expectation or achievement.  But the fine truth veiled in here is that my thought, word and deed together alone may not be able to bring in the desired result as that is equally controlled by certain unknown forces Viz., Happenings around!   These are independent of my aim, plan and execution of activities, if not totally….Thus, when the result comes up as different from that expected, it is truly a pain in life and the quantum of this pain directly varies with the fact Viz., How much I got addicted to my level of satisfaction in earlier achievements!  This is the power of ignorance around!

Having understood this mechanism constantly working in me, I should equally make a note that I cannot do much and sometimes may not be able to do anything to bring a change in my thought, word and deed....The reason herein is that the propelling force behind these three entities....the ‘me’ inside, cannot be negated by me so easily! But there is no despair, it is still possible to do that in a fine way.... Either through an observation of this phenomenon in me, through an incessant dedication in doing my attached duties or through a constant Prayer to the Almighty....

Thus, as I start living a moment of my life through one of these activities with an associated lightness, I exist at that moment in a state of total calmness of life!  And this is the only True Sacred Activity I can do in my entire life period....

Should I not continue doing this....The next moment too?

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Life Experience speaks....No doubt in that!

“Everywhere there is a restriction. I want to do something but I am not allowed. Many times I had to bend down or yield. How much of this is correct? Instead, why don’t they let me do and face it myself? There is no need to tell many times that there is danger. What happens in the worst case? I only will suffer….I am fed up with all these sermons, guidelines, constant vigil and criticism….I am sad!” thus was speaking a young man to an elderly well-wisher one evening on the various controls imposed by his elders around….The young man felt that the well-wisher at least would understand him and agree to what he had said....

The elderly looked at him and said, “My dear!  I know what you are speaking and with what you are not happy!   I ask you a simple question here….Why don’t you straight away say what you want to say or do what you want to do?  No one is threatening you to attack you except that you may be criticised.  So, why are you afraid so much?” 

“Sir, how can I do that? Then I will be branded soon as an adamant and hard nut to crack.  Further, all may withdraw their support to me.  Even my friends too may be kept off or they themselves may go away. I cannot have such a life….”

“That means you want to do what you like and at the same time all should be with you, co-operate with you, help you in your routine and finally appreciate you too. You want everything from others but you don’t want to listen to and do what they propose for you. Is it justified?"


“See, there is no answer from you!” concluded the well-wisher…. "You should understand that in normal cases, what generally people expect you to do is good for you except a few which may not stand in today’s times!   Here, the foremost discipline in you should be first to receive all these advices as they are!  If you do that, half of your burden really goes off as the elderly are instantly happy with your behavior.   Further to this, ponder over these and see by yourself if there is any good for you in that.  Having done this, gently modify each advice if required to suit to your situation and conditions.  Now the last step…. Where you find the advice is irrelevant, do not act but keep it in a corner of your mind and try to investigate why the elderly have told that.   In time, you may find the hidden benefit in some of them. This total discipline should help you in the present circumstances!”

While departing the elderly quipped, “Remember….Whatever advice these grey haired personalities give you, can never be given by one unless his / her hair truly becomes grey!”

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Am I taking care of my Work?

“Sir!  Why is work so important in life and what exactly is the right work for me?”

“My dear! The day necessarily begins with me when I start looking out for some  'Item' or 'Service' around which I cannot generate from scratch....  But this 'Item' or 'Service' may be provided by someone else ready made.   Naturally he / she expects something in return and will never give free.   Equally, most of the times I will not have an exact skill to produce and return what this supplier wants. Thus, I have to go through a continuous exchange process and see that ultimately my supplier gets what he / she wants. Then alone I do have a right to take my required 'Item' or 'Service' from him / her. Seen this way, it is clear that I can stop the whole working process only when I need absolutely nothing in my life which can never be a case with me as long as I exist on the earth!    Thus work becomes a very important aspect of life next to basic living....

The right work for me is nothing but the work I can do making use of the skill I learnt and practiced from my younger days....the skill which was passed on or learnt as hierarchy of my family most of the times. This skill too, once got into learning cannot be changed much later except fine tuning the same and expanding into related fields….

When I was young when the process of learning these skills was actively going on, my parents alone have worked at that time on my behalf....And it is my duty to take over this task from my parents at the earliest and start working myself as they can never do this for me for whole of my life!  If I neglect or postpone this take over, my competitor the next door will permanently take over the 'Vacancy of Exchange' available at my door step without a second thought and later however well my work be done, it may have no demand!!!

Any consumption without timely return of acceptable equivalent worth is a  sin in life as it has no support on earth through known Universal law!" 

Friday, November 9, 2012

A Introspection constantly required in life!

A deep thinker one night had strange thoughts thus….

As I look back into my past life in a nut shell, apart from the few downs I experienced, most of the time my life was reasonably smooth and because of this I was of the view till this moment that my care alone had ensured all this…. 

But if I look once again carefully into my past, it is very clear that out of the total time of this 'take care', I was practically physically with my possessions and my people only for a short  time….Most of the time, they were under the care of the System and the related people around and the System and the related people truly provided a cover of protection in this context apart from the personal care of my people.  If seen this way, how am I a owner here?

Beyond a level, even the System and the 
related people could not have done the required had the Providence taken a smaller look on all these aspects. Thus the ultimate 'take care' was through the Grace of God alone… 

Now I sincerely feel that I am no doer here, the Almighty alone takes care of all and the people around me in the Social System do the required activities from their side, myself contributing only a small portion in this....In this scenario alone, the so called protection was  extended to all of us!    Really, how small was my thinking all these days?  Now I understand that as long as my life is planned on the earth I should be doing my duty as per my Dharma for the related activities to go on and be constantly Praying to God for the Decent of His Grace all along as the ultimate Doer and Protector is He alone!

And this attitude only is safe for me from this moment as all other actions tainted with a 'stronger
 Ego’ feeling would produce equally more pain in  the end!”

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

A Discipline that paves way to Happiness in life….

My personal care/needs take distinct time, energy and money and in addition, some have to be done at a specified clock time/calendar date without fail. Any deviation here is forever a debt which necessarily has to be  repaid with very high interest subsequently…. 

Further, the postponement cannot be done beyond a time limit as it results in break down of my System from which recovery is a costly and time consuming phenomenon. And, some times, I may have to settle for a lesser level permanently….

Since my Employment necessarily takes its own time and I can never say ‘NO’ to it, the only way of performing the best in this scenario is to become totally time conscious….Of course, time is money and so it is the energy too…..

With this background, if I observe my schedules carefully, I surely find that my available time is spent in enjoying the life as relaxations are sought by me continuously….

This is a strong force in me driving me incessantly in the direction of enjoyment but no despair….There is a bridle available…. My alertness to happenings…. With this bridle in hand, I can keep the enjoyment tendency in limits and catch hold of the precious time and energy continuously getting out of my hands….

And if I really do this, soon all types of enjoyments, let loose conditions and unbridled tendencies would be checked and regulated but I should still allow them at a level as they form the gist of my present life and may be the aim of my life is partly to satisfy these….

So, there is a catch and too much harshness in this direction works ultimately against me only....myself totally left out with a miserable state of mind and the resulting indiscipline beyond limits….

Now I know where I stand exactly....

Sunday, November 4, 2012

The First Preference in the Eyes of God....

A benevolent king was all the time helpful to his people in their crises. He used to help them beyond and give the best support in times of their need. He advised all his Officials to be ever ready for this type of support to be provided for people from his Office.

A common man in the kingdom was equally doing a similar job.   He was helpful to the core to people in the neighborhood out of whatever resources he had.  Most of the time, he did not have much to give except extending a physical help with a sincere Prayer to the Almighty at his heart for their betterment!

Their lives went on thus….Finally days were numbered for both of them….

At the Heavenly Abode, the gates were open first to the gentleman. The benevolent king was asked to wait….He got astonished with this but sincerely sought the reason for that preference….

Thus came the reply in no time…. “All the while, you just distributed what excess was with you which, most of the times was never from your own effort.  Further, you were always proud of your charity and thus never thought of Presence of the Divine Hand at the back of all these!

And this gentleman had done exactly the opposite…. He could only give his physical help most of the times as he had not many resources with him.  But there he was sincere and further always believed that the Almighty alone helps ultimately which is a fact….

And….Those who depend on themselves the maximum and believe in God alone will have a first preference here!!!”