Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Life Experience speaks....No doubt in that!

“Everywhere there is a restriction. I want to do something but I am not allowed. Many times I had to bend down or yield. How much of this is correct? Instead, why don’t they let me do and face it myself? There is no need to tell many times that there is danger. What happens in the worst case? I only will suffer….I am fed up with all these sermons, guidelines, constant vigil and criticism….I am sad!” thus was speaking a young man to an elderly well-wisher one evening on the various controls imposed by his elders around….The young man felt that the well-wisher at least would understand him and agree to what he had said....

The elderly looked at him and said, “My dear!  I know what you are speaking and with what you are not happy!   I ask you a simple question here….Why don’t you straight away say what you want to say or do what you want to do?  No one is threatening you to attack you except that you may be criticised.  So, why are you afraid so much?” 

“Sir, how can I do that? Then I will be branded soon as an adamant and hard nut to crack.  Further, all may withdraw their support to me.  Even my friends too may be kept off or they themselves may go away. I cannot have such a life….”

“That means you want to do what you like and at the same time all should be with you, co-operate with you, help you in your routine and finally appreciate you too. You want everything from others but you don’t want to listen to and do what they propose for you. Is it justified?"


“See, there is no answer from you!” concluded the well-wisher…. "You should understand that in normal cases, what generally people expect you to do is good for you except a few which may not stand in today’s times!   Here, the foremost discipline in you should be first to receive all these advices as they are!  If you do that, half of your burden really goes off as the elderly are instantly happy with your behavior.   Further to this, ponder over these and see by yourself if there is any good for you in that.  Having done this, gently modify each advice if required to suit to your situation and conditions.  Now the last step…. Where you find the advice is irrelevant, do not act but keep it in a corner of your mind and try to investigate why the elderly have told that.   In time, you may find the hidden benefit in some of them. This total discipline should help you in the present circumstances!”

While departing the elderly quipped, “Remember….Whatever advice these grey haired personalities give you, can never be given by one unless his / her hair truly becomes grey!”

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