Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Truth Speaks by Itself!

An issue with a man was pending for a while which needed clearance from the concerned Authorities…. And on one of those days, the Authorities had given a date to hear his case.... To get it approved in the first instance itself, the man decided to prepare well on all the related points and thus present his case so that the Authorities would be well impressed and could never reject his case.... 

For this as a first step, he had gone through all the laid out rules in detail…. And important points in the related Links were searched and well memorized..... Every rule was interpreted in the best way to see the applicability of his case and the related points noted…. All Annexures and Clauses referred therein were well read to note important points of the case….. And finally, a few Experts’ opinions were sought and their justifications noted….

Thus prepared, the man proceeded to face the Authorities to get his issue go through the toughest of moment where it totally depended on the Authorities getting convinced and Okaying the proposal...

Another man with a similar issue too was ready on that day but without many references except with the basic papers needed….

Amused, the first man asked him, “My dear! Both of our issues more or less are the same or I can say almost identical…. It is the time when the Authorities had to be convinced on our issues and accord the necessary permission by approving our cases…. Here, it is totally in their hands to say ‘YES’ or ‘NO’ and it is our strength to bring out all answers for their questions so that they ultimately will never say ‘NO!’  When I am so much prepared with all answers to the point, how is that you seem to be without a single reference, preparedness or volumes of physical papers except the minimum and appear so cool and calm? Are you really serious to push your case through?”

The second man smiled and said, “Dear! All our Rules and Procedures are meant to see that only the Genuine issues are cleared carefully weeding out the non Genuine cases…. I exactly don't know of your case but mine is just a simple case of Truthful and Honest presentation and Truth and Straightforwardness alone are the strong points of my issue.... Tell me, where is the need for me to carry all those additional convincing entities and which such convincing arguments are needed to call a 'Spade a Spade?'”

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