Sunday, July 7, 2013

* When the Ruler becomes Complacent....

An Emperor once thought like many other earlier Emperors…. “I am the famous Emperor around as people call me…. And I rule the best, they say...."  

But unfortunately, never ended there and further continued the thoughts of self interest.... "As an Emperor when I do so much for people, I too deserve enjoying my private life with a certain level of luxury which is generally recommended to the Rulers of my level...." 

And he suddenly remembered the famous lines of Philosophy of life which forever says....'Nothing in the world comes with you!' 

But again never ended there to contemplate on those Noble Saying but extended his viscous thoughts.... "Better I use this wealth of mine for fineness in living too, as today gone will never come back.... And so, let me plan for this from now on wards….” 

Thus 'The Devil' was soon riding on him and he was completely overpowered in no time....

Having firmed up thus, the next day he made an announcement, “Whoever can please me with the supply of ultimate luxury in my life will be given whatever he / she asks!”

Instantly a few people not in small numbers, offered to do the best in this line.… And that naturally happens in the world every time....

“Your Majesty, our Group offers to install the finest of ----------------- in the Palace for pleasure of the entire Royal Family!  Please give us a chance to do that!”

"Sir! We can offer, the exquisite designs of ------------------- items in the Palace so that Your Highness and the Royal Family can enjoy heaven on the earth with the luxury and comfort of our Master Craft!”

“Oh! Emperor! They say that the foremost desire in one's life is ------------------- and our Team can offer this luxury for the Royal family---------------- Nothing less will be done here!”

Thus, many, many-------------- 'Offers of Pleasing' were on the anvil in the queue.... The Emperor was equally happy with the offers and asked all of them to go ahead with their Plans at their levels!

Immediately, the smarter ones were at their work of 'Pleasing the Maximum' and were very busy.... Next, the lesser smart ones who could not please at the max level, quickly formed a chain of descending order doing their bit of 'Pleasing' at their own level below the smarter ones, established their positions in the 'Pleasing Group' and the circle soon closed with many 'Pleasing Members' around the Emperor!

The majority of ordinary people who could neither please nor were interested in that but were ready to work hard producing essentials and modest requirements for the masses were in no time sidelined by the Emperor and had to face the usual hardships of life with lesser Earnings under the Rule of an Easy Going Ruler!

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