Wednesday, August 7, 2013

What other Great Treasure do I want here?

When the proud King Dhuryodhana, thinking himself as the most powerful King tried to arrest Lord Krishna during the Peace Mission, the Lord in no time showed how small the King was in front of His Divine Form....

When King Yudhisthira with all humility asked the Lord what to do if there was a doubt in his action as the King,  the Lord gave him a folded Write-up and asked him to open only when the situation would become the toughest.... In one of the moments, the situation was felt by the King as the toughest and when he opened the Write-up, a simple sentence was written there….'Even this will pass!'

It Means......

When pride over takes me with a feeling that I am everything, the Almighty gives a small hit and straight away shows me how small I am.... And when I truly realize there and just become humble with a feeling that 'He alone Plans and I just follow His Order!', instantly the Lord is by my side and my tough moment passes!

Thus, as the Great Saint said 'Truth is as hard as stone but simultaneously as soft as butter.... ', it is ultimately my attitude that makes my life either a misery or Peaceful!  Further, as the Master said, 'Like the mother who leaves the child so long the little one plays with his / her toys....,' the Almighty leaves me when I am amused around but '.... like the same mother who equally runs and embraces the child the moment the child loses interest in play and cries for the mother....', the Lord too takes me into His Fold the moment I, with all sincerity Seek His Help!

Thus, He is Ever by my side and I am Never alone!

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