Monday, September 30, 2013

Let me never, never curse here however demanding it may be....

“Work, work and work…. I am tired of hearing this word…. Every one says work hard, don’t waste time and all other routine preachings…. But no one really understands the tension and turmoil behind this activity…. No doubt we have to work and that too work efficiently and competitively…. But others should equally feel for the person who puts in this hard labor, let it be physical or mental…. One is surely tired at the end of the day with his / her work…. Each has his / her own ambition in life…. Does he / she have no right to speak of that even a bit? For that to happen, one should be off from the psychological occupation of this work…. Work in the working time but do not go on thinking of it even after that….That’s the best policy…. Sir!  Am I wrong here?” thus was commenting and asking a young man of thirties over his work and the advice from an elderly well-wisher  in general….

The well-wisher listened to him, paused a while and said, “Dear! I understand what you say here.... You sure are getting tired of your work and at the end of the day no one is seriously appreciating you except that they always expect you go to your job the next day…. It looks like a thankless struggle on the face of it and that is why you are speaking like this.…” the elderly paused and continued….. "But you should remember that this work is a must in life for all else our bodies cannot sustain on the earth and no one is an exception here…. But imagine….There are quite a number of people in this world like the old, the sick, the difficult people who too need constantly the inputs from outside but they by themselves cannot support it through work as these people can never strain like the young or may not be able to strain at all at some point of time in their lives.... The pains of the body you experience at the end of the day through your hard work, these people may experience without that strain itself....But their body needs are a fact and no one gives free…. Tell me, what these people should say in this context?”

“So let me not say that I am driven to a corner through work and more work….You are lucky today because your body permits that without giving any problem to you except that it gets tired by end of the day…. In fact, you should contribute a little more daily and donate the returns for the cause of these difficult people who are straight away deprived from that and in addition experience much more pains which their bodies give without doing any work itself…. Leaving all this, expressing pity on yourself is definitely never a healthy sign in respect of the 'Sacred Work' in front of us!”

Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Inner Strength is Infinite!

A man was into a big trouble and every one expected him to be down for a while and recover.  But to the surprise of all, he took it cool and instantly was back to his normal works….

Time passed…..

Again the man got into a problem, this time the one which could make any one paralyzed instantly  and recovery depended on the inner strength of the person… But the man stood calm during that trifling time too and soon was normal doing his own works simultaneously attending to the recovery process…. People around wondered at the stability of his mind even in such tough situations….

Some more time passed….

This time the man faced the toughest problem and every one thought he was gone as none could imagine a recovery at all in that tough situation… A few critics even remarked….”All these days, he was be putting up to show off…. So far he had done thus….Now the Gods too have seen his pride and now gave the biggest problem…. His life is partly gone with this catastrophe.  We should be humble before fate and always express our smallness which is a reality…. 'Pride goes before fall', they say and this is a practical example…. Now, let us watch the drama here!”

To the utter surprise of every one, the man was not much perturbed in the situation except a day's down and was back on the track quickly with every inch of energy going towards the recovery process which was no less in volume….

The people around were totally at a loss not knowing what was happening in him…. On a day a few took some time off, approached him with all coolness and said, “Dear! We feel a lot for the biggest losses you suffered in life…. But it appears nothing can disturb you so easily…. What is the secrete behind this strength of yours? We want to know!”

The man smiled and said, “My dear friends! No doubt the problems I faced in life are not of lesser magnitude…. But when such a problem struck me,  each time my wisdom awakened me saying, ‘What do you do if fate aims at a hundred times serious one compared to the present one which is still possible?' That thought immediately used to bring me back to senses and I always thanked the Almighty for saving me from a bigger peril.... Thus I could come back to normalcy and was able to do the required work in that situation for recovery….”

The problem big or small is a relative feeling in one self…. If you can perceive a bigger problem in life which is perfectly feasible in spite of our safeguards, the problem in front always looks small and you are likely to take it light!”

Thursday, September 26, 2013

The 'Sacred Five' in Work Arena....

To have a steady job in the job market, five 'Entities' are a must....

  • I should have a basic skill which has a potential value in the market or which I can sell for exchange of my needs....  The selection of this basic skill is generally done through a college Degree each of which has a certain value.... What many people choose here may be a guide but 'many' means crowd and the limited things are always distributed….Finally, my share may remain less or I have to wait in the queue…
  • I have an interest in me!  It is better, this interest and my skill match…. Else my skill may not be the best and perfection may not exist in my work.... The deep interest in me not the superficial one is to be seen as quickly as possible…. But, not too late!  In some individuals, it may be dormant but in some it may reveal in the very young age itself.  Identification of this interest in right time is sure an asset....
  • The basic skill with me needs refinement and this will be and has to be done continuously in time to meet both the dynamic requirements in the market and my requirements in life which come up at various stages….
  • A good health and safe practices alone retain the job as the skills are expressed the best at the back of these practices only.... Devoid of these, the life may have a U turn in many aspects and  the job is no exception here!
  • The last and the most important discipline is my sincerity at work.... It is a name by itself, it keeps everything with me throughout my life and it never fails me.... Short gains are the real traps in this area. ...

The above entities together alone make a Good Pudding…. And the taste definitely will be good in eating It!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Great Ideas have no Takers!

A man of certain Intuition got a brilliant idea on a particular issue.... He decided to share the same with people around and was making arrangements for a public presentation....

The expert next to him who was working in that line sternly questioned him on how he could bring out the idea without a concrete proof….

The man behind power in his area stopped him saying that he was the Rule Maker and the idea should definitely be useful for establishing more of his power....

The man who is on the business lines using similar expertise intervened and said that no one should come in the way of his profit making....

The man of Intuition was thus halted but some how he convinced all of them…. He pleased the expert with his skills, pleaded the powerful to allow once and gave necessary assurance to the man in business that he would not make any money there.... Thus somehow, he could make his way to bring out his idea in front of public....

Soon he fixed a day for the presentation and made a few arrangements in that context.... But when he physically went to the Site to give his speech, to his surprise found only few people in the audience section.... When enquired on that, one of the members said, “Sir! We are all tired of being constantly under the influence of the expert, by saluting the powerful and by parting our hard earned monies with the man in business.... Finally, we are left with minimum energies and finances to fend ourselves.... All of us have no energies to listen to anything now as we have to rest for the day and go to our work tomorrow.... That’s why many of our friends have dropped off.... If you cut short your speech, we too would like to go back quickly.... Or, if you drop your presentation, we will go now itself!”

(Based on the Original Concept of one of our Epic Stories)

Friday, September 20, 2013

Costly Mistakes….

The two mistakes I may be doing  in my life often….

One is....Advising some close person forcibly out of my own self satisfaction even though the other person shows up firmness that he / she would not be interested in that particular way of living which I like very much as my advice itself suggests it…. Here, on the face of it, the advice may look benign and welfare oriented but indirectly, it has the same effect as a coercion would have in making the other party do in the particular way which I approve and thus achieve more of my own satisfaction by forcing the individual to a corner …. This is the serious mistake I may be doing once in a way or frequently in the name of welfare activity….

Here, I should forever understand that even though a large part of good appears to be there in such an advice, it never does its worth unless the other person accepts it in the heart and if not more harm only will be done…. Allowing the other man, good or bad to do as per his / her wish is ideal in all such cases as long as the basic issues are under control….

The other mistake is.... When one advises me thus, I, the receiver a few times react to the force behind the advice, decide to follow the same on the face of it with an in built anger on the activity as well as on the person who advised and accordingly start working in that line with a total silence around…. This, any how will not work out and soon gives way as the 'inside of me' is different but knowingly or unknowingly I react thus temporarily and start behaving accordingly…. This is another serious mistake I often do when cornered by the so called well wishers' advices….

And I should never allow my reaction to such an advice which can work on me in no time if allowed bringing down my efficiency in the work I am presently doing thus losing from both the sides simultaneously!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Looks as Painful, but is sure a Straightforward Way!

Two Assistants were working in a Project under the same Boss.... There was a vacancy of Promotion and as one of the Assistants was extra smart, he was promoted reporting to the same Boss for the same Project and the other Assistant remained 'As is'….

In the new scenario, the Assistant not promoted was offered two options of reporting…. Either ‘As is’ situation would continue, he reporting to the Boss direct or he would report to the promoted one…. And the gentleman instantly chose the second option….

Someone asked him, “How can you report to your own earlier colleague in the same Dept? Instead you would have been more free, had you chosen reporting direct to the Boss….”

The Assistant remarked, "No doubt it is a pain to report to an earlier colleague but in my case, the 'As Is' condition is a much greater pain…. My colleague was specifically promoted to take care of this Project with more responsibility and in this situation if I allow him to work along with me, the Power soon may corrupt his mind and my closeness may bring in an wanted ease in me with him…. If I report to him, all this will set right once for all and our psychologies will soon adjust to the new situation as there would be no go for both of us in that situation…. That way instantly, working becomes smooth....

In work arena, it is impossible to work with full dedication unless Powers of each one are well defined along with the attached responsibilities…. All friendships, relations and other closeness phenomenon beyond have no place there….In case I really want to stop all this, the only way in front of me is to resign from the present job or shift myself to another Project leaving my own Project…. But the Golden Rule here once again says.... 'Always leave only as a Winner in the existing place but never as a Loser!' So, there is no option for me at this point of time!"

Friday, September 6, 2013

The Aim is the same; the Game is different!

Two unscrupulous democratic Rulers in the world once had a meeting in some distant place…. After a brief initial exchanges, soon they were discussing on how they rule, the problems associated with their ruling, the benefits around them being the Rulers etc….

The first one said, “In my State, I provide the minimum welfare measures but collect good amount of taxes… My associates of my equal stature alone provide these services and so, they in turn have their profits….In this way, we together will be having a large chunk of money and our royal way of living thus continues….”

He paused and asked the other Ruler how he fared in his ruling at his place….

The other one said, “I am not so lucky like you…. My people are smart and demanding type.… I have to provide them the maximum welfare measures in their living and have no option other than providing the same!”

The first one was surprised and asked, “That means you and your associates as Rulers are normal people without much wealth and other perks around?”

The second one whispered with a mischievous smile, “It is a different trick here…. I do provide the best welfare measures as demanded by my people but make them costly and thus collect large tax amounts on these Services…. Further, around these Services, I create so many complexities which are not really required from welfare point of view, a few having a negative effect too which no one can question easily....  Thus, I make my people pay for all this in addition who use these facilities…. Here, my own men who are suppliers of these are thus benefited a lot and you know, finally even though it appears that my people are getting these welfare measures freely, ultimately they only pay for them through the Social Security Scheme I promoted…. Do you that in this scenario ultimately, the monies with me and my associates are very high and are much much above yours?”

Monday, September 2, 2013

Freedom of Expression is always limited!

A gentleman and a deep thinker had a great intuition on Spiritual Aspects of Life and had certain instant Revelations within himself.... He used to read with great interest books containing the direct Sayings of Men of Wisdom on Spiritual Aspects of Life which they practically lived through and told the world what is what....

He deeply felt at his heart that he should make a book of his thoughts along with what the Great Men had said, what life stands for, what is the solution for eliminating the suffering in the world etc, a total Insight into Life and Truth! He was sure that people would ultimately be benefited through that publication….

Having decided thus, he quickly made a draft of the same and was about to go for publishing the Write Up.... At that point of time, a few well-wishers advised him to get a formal approval of one Organisation working around to represent those Great Men to avoid any future controversies....  Accordingly the draft was given to the Organisation and it was quickly received, some changes / corrections were made to it and returned in a short time.... A close Associate of the gentleman prepared the final Write Up for printing.... The gentleman was happy that he could finally ready his write up which would benefit the world through preaching of Good Morals, Truthful and Honest way of Living, firming up Belief in God and other Values of Life!

But his experience after reading the final Write Up was totally different.... He found a strange feeling in himself….The gist of the corrected Write Up never looked like what he wanted to convey to the World.... Instead, it looked like partly an advertising booklet for the Organisation commending on the works done / being done by the Group and the disciplines that had been adapted rather than stressing on what the Great men had said and done silently in the world and what he himself wanted to tell openly to the world!