Sunday, October 6, 2013

All Coolness is never a 'Welcome' here!

A man was working in a Private Firm which was surviving in a tough competitive field and was the Supplier to a huge Non Profitable Trust on certain requirement which the Trust had outsourced to the Firm.... In order to retain the Orders and survive in the harsh competitive environment, his Bosses had almost driven him mad at his work which made him work till late night daily to finish the tasks in front…. Thus he was daily short of sleep and it was accumulating endlessly.... And naturally, that could not go on forever….

One day, he firmed up and decided…."The only way to remain in the field is to get into a similar job which the Trust is getting done through its own Company with one hundred percent Its Own Shares...." Having decided thus, he soon applied for a suitable job advertised by that Company and got selected with not much difficulty as he had a good experience in that field…. He felt very happy….

“The cut throat competition around will no more trouble me beyond…. Now, at least daily I can sleep better after my work!" he thought…. But soon he was found to be wrong!

Being in a Company job, there were again goals and deadlines, the man in no time was pushed to a corner to perform indirectly as otherwise the Company Bosses would become unhappy and that unhappiness of a Boss was never good for him.... So the daily tensions of keeping his Bosses pleased soon pushed him to the 'Worry Corner' and in no time and he started experiencing sleepless nights....

He finally firmed up, “The best way here is to get into the job which has no business motto at all but only a Service interest…. There, the work ends daily at at 5 PM and the next day is forever fresh as 'Do honestly but do what you can without wasting time' is the motto there.... A direct job with the Trust exactly satisfies this requirement and here I am well experienced to meet their needs!" Having decided thus, he applied for a suitable job with the Trust and got selected for the same with not much  difficulty.… 

Finally, he was totally relaxed and was extremely happy.... "Now I can sleep well" he thought as the job was really smooth, no spill over for the next day, no pressure beyond except following the Simple highly feasible Orders at work, hundred percent '9 to 5' Work Culture and a freedom to talk on the 'Wrong!'  What else one needs at work?

But strangely, he continued to have the sleepless nights again…. For a while, he was totally in a fix not knowing the reason for the same but soon found the answer…. Presently he had no problem from work point of view with so much coolness at the back!

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