Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The Eternal Learning....

A Great Saint in his Monastery had daily Discourses and Prayers with  His devotees.... Many devotees used to attend the Programs regularly....  One devotee daily used to come in time, sit from beginning to the end of the Program for the day, do the Prayer and then only leave the Place.... All the days, the other disciples were sitting in groups leaving this man to sit alone.... He had a weakness with him which the other group never liked and so the fine segregation! The disciples repeatedly reminded the Saint that the man's presence made the area unholy....

One day the Saint smilingly told the disciples, “I see daily this man dot on time in his clean ironed dress with hair well groomed.... He sits in full attention till the last minute of the Program.... And I see none of you have this discipline.... Why don’t you learn this discipline from him leaving the rest of the issues?”

Yes! Every where I can learn and every one around can teach me; I am not so great!

A night watchman was on his usual rounds at mid night....   He went round in the colony shouting aloud, “Be alert and keep awake!”  Every one woke up, looked out, checked the doors front and back, ensured that the outside light was on and after some time went back to sleep.... A Great Personality too sleeping like others suddenly got up with the watchman's loud shouting and instantly pondered over, “Am I sleeping in this life forgetting the purpose of my birth?” He thus came out of the house, moved towards forest to meditate and finally attained Realization.... That is the difference in learning of each individual from the same ordinary phenomenon around..... Here, The Great man's  fine line of Ignorance had gone with one line uttered by the night watchman!

We are all like dynamos in respect of our dormant potentials.... The incidents, happenings and the acts of people around are the only entities which will awaken us at different levels.... Thereby happens the Elevation of an individual and a great help to the world!

An ever going-on lively Phenomenon in Nature!