Thursday, November 28, 2013

Great Sayings have their Own Place....

“Sir! I am interested in telling the 'Right Way of Living' to people around as I am living the same life with my own discipline…. I hope at least you agree with me on this…. But Why is that my people and people around many times do not agree with me that I am correct?  It appears I should never tell the 'Right' to them but agree with their own way…. Even if I do that, again they say that a man of my calbre should not talk or behave like that…. What is the wrong here?”

“Dear! the Rightness of our doings and the Correctness in our talk have always an infinite depth and for ordinary mortals like us this definitely becomes a limit in our life…. That is why, these conflicts forever continue to exist…. No doubt your doings and your advice are much better but whatever one may say, all these actions and sayings have a taint of self interest and it is impossible to make them known free of this entity… In such a scenario, the only time this Truth can percolate into others is when the level of Truth in me is much much higher to convey to an ordinary personality the good in them…. Then people may accept such preachings and follow to some extent…. But the simple question is.... If I am really blessed with such a high level of Understanding of this Great Truth, why am I still here along with my people doing most of the similar worldly activities?  I should have quickly moved out and gone in the way many Great People had done.... It clearly shows that I am not that Great but just a little better placed compared to others in respect of this Great Understanding....

Rightly speaking,  these Great Sayings and the related Discipline have their true meaning only when they come out of a Realized Personality in this Universe as per Divine Plan!  That Great Personality whose earthly interests are seen almost 'Nil' alone can Truly inspire many around but the Great Men too said in this context that 'True Change' is one's own wish and will and God's Grace on him / her and nothing else works beyond.... All our Sacred Books and Epics written by Such Great Men forever remind us these Truths alone….

Thus we can say that each of us is continuously progressing in this Path Up towards the Ultimate through individual own Investigation and because of this Great Thrust in every one of us, individual own way of expressing and living is the best for each of us and never the copying and following attitude.… Truly speaking inside all of us know this either clearly or sometimes discretely…. That's the reason some openly speak out and oppose you and some do not but definitely keep off from you!"

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