Saturday, November 30, 2013

The Lighter Moments....

###  An earthquake shook the area and shortly after that within an hour's time, the Local Agency Office that kept a special track of quakes got a call to know the preliminary assessment of damages that had taken place around.... “The fan fell on me; the Office furniture was thrown apart; the corner window got shattered and I am seeing a big crack in the ceiling.... We have requested for an immediate Ambulance Service!” was the instant reply.... 

###   At a different place, an earth quake struck with a little higher intensity…. The Local Agency which monitored the level of quakes was immediately contacted to know the intensity of the quake…. There was an instant reply…. 

“We all just ran out of our Office…. Now the front door of our Office got jammed and we are unable to enter our Office…. We contacted the nearest Rescue Team half KM away …. Their vehicle could not come immediately as the road in front of their Office gave way with adjacent waters inundating the area…. They tried to arrange another Rescue Team from the nearer place which is a KM away but presently there, no one is picking up the phone…. The moment we get inside with the help coming, we read the instruments and announce the intensity…."

The man who enquired on the other side said, “Sir! There is no need to know further…. I already got the intensity measure…Thank you!”

###  A man had returned from a distant foreign land known for earth quakes and was relaxing in his home at Native place when the earth shook…. All neighbors ran out of their houses, but not this man! The radio echoed the intensity of the quake experienced as 4.9 magnitude.... When a friend asked the reason for him not to move from his house, the man coolly replied, “See! I have experienced much sever jolts in the place I visited, not once but many times…. All the time, nothing happened! See…These shakes are not to be bothered about!” His friend looked at him and said, “My dear! There, nothing had happened because their buildings are designed for frequent quakes.... But here the quakes are rare and our buildings are not that way strong!”

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