Saturday, December 14, 2013

An Unusual Cyber Experience....

The man of mid thirties was too enthusiastic....

“Now a days, I am not able to go round and make various monthly bill payments for the Services I am using as I am not getting any time…. That’s why, I purchased this Laptop and secured the internet facility…. With this, all these payments are at finger tips and I can leisurely do them in the evenings, night times and on week ends…. It is safe and secure…. I don't know why people still go and stand in long queues for these routine known bill payments....” thus was his instant talk and n
o doubt with a good facility in front….

So the man thought and on the week end, sat in front of his Laptop to do the initial payment transaction…. He opened the Web Page by typing the URL, Oh! a big 'Welcome!' sign appeared instantly and asked him to proceed by giving certain basic information including the Log In information…. The man was thrilled at this and in no time typed in the information….

A message appeared on the Web Page…. “Please wait…. We are verifying the details….”

It took about 3 minutes…. There was no change….

The man got worried and went back to the site and proceeded again….

The Web Page re-opened and the details whatever asked were again given....

A message flashed…. "Please provide Bill Number with date...."

When he wanted to give the Number, it did not accept the same but a 
message had flashed, “What is the amount?”

When he started giving the amount, it asked, "Please give the Account No........”

When he wanted to input the account No, it did accept but did not accept all the digits of it..…...

The man by that time was a little worried and started erratically inputting whatever numbers asked.... And in such a desperate mood as he tried hitting the Enter Key repeatedly, a message flashed on the screen, “You are no more allowed to proceed on this Web Page.... Please press the 'Back' button to begin!”

He thus repeated the process and after a time of half hr with no way out,  he got fed up and finally logged out of the Account…. Instantly there was 
a Success…true Success….

A face with a smile and waving a hand flashed the message, “Than Q .... You have successfully logged out!”

No need to say that the next working day, the man took leave as it was the last day for the payment, walked a km all along, stood in queue for an hr and with lots of sweat finally paid off the bill for the month taking in return a printed receipt….