Monday, December 9, 2013

In life, no Single Way is Sacred!

"A man of average income always carried an idea that life was to be lived through the 'Best'.... He opined that chances of development were in the hands of individuals and to reap the same one had to spend, see the best in life, learn and grow.... He thus stuck to this philosophy of living in the prime time of family growth with certain expectations.... Strangely all along the growth of his family remained only at moderate level but the expenses and the corresponding loans availed had shot up in no time.... Soon, a stage had reached, when he found it difficult to manage the money matters and the life thus had become really unhappy....

A better off man with good resources had exactly the opposite view Viz., Save as much as possible, spend the least and let the family members fend themselves with only the limited resources readily kept at their disposal....   He believed that this discipline ultimately would safeguard ancestral finances and family would grow the best on their own with minimum decent support.... Thus, he spent minimum every where and advised his children to follow only the cost effective measures for their development.... The family had grown to a reasonable level but the family members could not become better than that in spite of truly having sizable finances to support that growth.... There used to be moments of criticism in the family and the man was unhappy because of that...."

The Head of a Great Learning Centre in Ethics had narrated these two separate Events of life to a group of audience and asked them a question, "Can you explain whether  the two gentlemen were right in their actions or was something missing there?"  The listeners unable to get His point requested Him to explain further.... The Head continued, “Truth in life is a powerful Entity and no one can ever gain good by negating it at any point of time.... Here, in one case, the finances were limited but spending was beyond.... Convincing explanations were there saying spending would result in growth.... No doubt it would have happened but there were equally many pitfalls in that route.... Those were never considered and the necessary care in that context was simply ignored....

In the second case, the strict discipline in spending was good, the constant message to the grown up family members all the time ‘Fend yourself’ was no doubt equally good but still something better could have been achieved in that direction through expending some of the finances in the right time rather than saving the same.... That way, the beneficiaries i.e. the family members forever lost a golden opportunity of improving themselves to a much better state….

Here both were the Truths…. That, one of them had limited resources and the other some what more of them.... All along, each one of them should have followed a life taking care of this fact in spending rather than giving undue importance to the wild thoughts of their own minds.... Here, the Truth in fineness was never seen and hence the unrest prevailed in both of the families at certain point of time!”

In conclusion, the Head said, “Betterment of an individual always lies in gently living nearer to the Truth as much as possible.... The situation in life for each individual is different and further ever changing with time.... Thus no single way of living becomes sacred or safe.... We should try to experience and live in the dynamic moments of life backed by a sincere care as we pass through the same... There alone lies our safety forever!”


  1. Enjoyed reading the post and got enlightened about two different points of view about living one's life.