Monday, December 30, 2013

New Year 2014 Greetings!

A Year had passed with many Events happening around as time brought out its own significant changes here, some for our betterment but a few not at all….

If we look back we quickly find that apart from the Economics of Living, lack of the Right Knowledge is the prime cause for the set backs around us as forever Knowledge is Strength, Knowledge is Supreme and Knowledge is Sacred!

And in the process of this 'Sacred Learning' it is said that the 'Speaker of the Truth' is a Wonder in Nature, the 'Listener to the Truth' too is equally a Wonder and both together continuously Learn at different Levels, these 'Great Truths' of Nature at the back of an 'Eternal Quest' in them to Learn and Spread the Message!

The Ancient Philosophy of Life forever values this Great Interaction between the 'Speaker' and the 'Listener'…. 
And here, the Entire Universe of the Almighty’s Creation Gears up to help out whenever this Quest for Knowledge is sincerely expressed and brings out on front line all the Channels of Access for this Learning….

Let this Learning Process continue in our lives with more and more vigor…. 
And let all of us determine firmly to move up this 'Eternal Ladder' by always Questioning the 'Right' in the World and never be satisfied  and limit ourselves with what we know today since this Questioning alone opens the Doors for further Higher Learning which truly speaking is a 'Limitless Entity!'  And through this Questioning alone, we forever experience the 'Best' in our lives.... No doubt here!  

Let this be the 'Wish' of all of us in this New Year and further let this 'Expression' around us too be supported with all Sincerity to see a better World of Tomorrow!

A Very Happy New Year 
To all my Indiblogger Friends and FB Friends 
 With whom I am able to actively 
Communicate through these Channels!

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