Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The Computer Gimmicks....

A certain man was advised by his well-wishers to buy an Anti-virus Software available in the market for installation on his Desktop to combat almost all Virus attacks....

"We see you constantly sending a number of on-line communications and doing various on-line financial transactions on your Desktop.... In these times, if any malicious Virus enters your machine and captures the sensitive information you are keying in, the secrecy is lost in no time and your monies too are great risk...." they used to say.... At length, the man was truly convinced of the necessity of installing a Anti Virus Software on his Machine but chose a not so standard one and the Supplier was contacted for installation.... The next day their Rep. was at his door step....

“Our Software fights out all types of Virus attacks on your computer and all the Programs and Web Pages are constantly monitored.... In fact, it physically creates a fort around the Web Page seen on the screen.... It protects all sensitive information like Login IDs, Passwords and other Personal Information.... Even though your computer is slightly slowed down during these thorough checkings, the unique protection offered here out weighs this small disadvantage!” declared proudly the Engineer cum Sales man as he installed the same on his System through an almost an hr job, all free of cost!

The Engineer having left, the man sat happily in front of his Desktop.… "Now I am fully secured against all types of Virus attacks, hitherto I was afraid of while down loading any file or opening any secured Web Page!" Thinking thus, he opened a Web Page...Lo! It was a wonder.... The powerful Software was already on its job seen providing the necessary protection.... By building a fort around, by providing checks everywhere and by allowing all sensitive information through its own Virtual Keyboard, what not? "Great!" thought the man….

The next day, he had to do some financial transactions on one of the secured Financial Websites.... He followed systematically all procedures of typing the URL himself, checking for the 'https://' symbol and padlock for security of Webpage, going through the Public Key Certificate for validity date, Certificate Authentication etc.... And, no doubt, the Anti-Virus backup was seen instantly active and providing all its background protection…. The man was quite happy and as he was trying to enter his Login ID and Password through the Anti Virus Software Virtual Keyboard, a message flashed on the screen….

"Beware! Some suspicious Software is trying to encroach in the sensitive information area…. Enter these informations only through the original Virtual Keyboard seen on the page opened directly under the URL!”

And subsequently, the web page allowed him to proceed only when he deactivated Anti Virus Package for a while and competed the job as usual he used to do before!

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