Monday, December 2, 2013

The depth of Honesty....

A young man was particular in being honest to the core in all day to day dealings that he used to encounter with others very often....

Thus, he used to remember even a small transaction where the giver himself was not much bothered about his receipt and used to pay the maximum attention till the return is done in the right way....  Whenever asked the reason for this extra care, he straight away used to say, “Where is the doubt here?  It is the right way; is it not? I owe him and I should pay him off!  I am exactly doing that!”

An elderly well-wisher and a man of wisdom who observed him for a while, at length decided to discuss the issue with him.... Accordingly, one cool evening he met him and after a few exchanges said, “My dear! I see straight away that you’re honest in all small issues of life to the core.... No doubt, it is a good discipline but I have a small question here.... Why do you want to be this much precise, remember every detail and be speaking on that till the issue is settled fully?”

The young man got astonished at this remark and said, “What Sir?  You are telling me this?  What is wrong to be honest in this way? It really helps me out and I am doing the best in my life.... Why are you questioning me on this?”

The elderly said, “My dear! The reason for my asking is.... Generally in life, I tend to be honest in small dealings but when major things are involved I may deviate under some pretext as the benefits would be too alluring.... I am not saying that you would be like that but you must test yourself repeatedly in respect of your actions in this direction.... If still your actions truly support honesty, it is established that the person’s depth of Understanding is different as he / she sees a direct link between his / her ultimate happiness and safety in life in being honest to the core.... But sometimes if the same Understanding had not set in me firmly, then I would be doing exactly the opposite when major issues surface as my 'self' always drives me towards the ultimate fulfillment which forever lies in 'possessing' alone!"


  1. True, it's oft-quoted that characters are tested under adversity and temptation.

    But a bigger truth is that this character starts from the smallest things in life.

    In this story, if the young man didn't do his daily work honestly, how honestly can the elder man judge his potential? After all, 'elder' is a relative term. Age can define elderliness if we are at the lowest level of development. The real 'elder' is the one elder in 'values and character'. I hope the elder in this story is not just elder in age, but elder in values and character as well.

    Your stories are really simple and engaging. I like them.

    1. Yes....The elderly well-wisher here means the elderly who cares for values and character in life rather than materialistic benefits. A true well-wisher is supposed to encourage these qualities with the people around him / her and he / she need not always be the elder. It is a story conveying the moral and this message can be conveyed through a well-wisher of any age....

    2. Another point which is forgotten to be answered is....No doubt if one is honest to the core he / she will be honest everywhere but what is mentioned in the story is about a person who when inspired that he / she should practice honesty will become more attentive in following the rule like honesty for self satisfaction rather than for the cause of honesty! With such an attitude, it fails where higher benefits are involved. An individual who firmly knows that by being honest, his / her life would be safe and peaceful and that alone is the true path to Elevation where self interest lessens, will be honest everywhere without a say!